Best Tricks On How To Write An Abstract For A Research Paper

A good research paper always presents detailed information, taken from various reliable sources. This is a lengthy academic assignment of the high-class students. The writer interprets and evaluates the topic and presents various arguments. The professors ask the college students to write the research paper to assess their vocabulary skills, writing skills, and the ability to do research.

In some cases, your instructor may ask you to write a research paper abstract. These abstracts are short content, and most of the students feel confused. They do not know how to write an abstract for a research paper.

Let us now tell you what an abstract is. The abstract is one of the precise summaries of the research paper content. Its major purpose is, to sum up, the important aspects, related to your argumentative paper. However, you have to be specific in your description. This is the concept of your abstract of any research paper. Now, we will guide you on how to write an abstract for a research paper.

The abstracts are of different types:

  • Critical abstract – It clarifies the major details and related findings. It also provides judgment and comment on the validity or reliability of your study. As one of the researchers, you have to assess other papers to make comparisons.
  • Informative abstract – This is a very common abstract, and you have to illustrate all the major arguments, including the findings. You have to write a conclusion for your detailed study.
  • Descriptive abstract – It describes the summarized work without making a comparison to some other papers.
  • Highlight abstract – This is best for grabbing the attention of the readers.

Although there are abstracts of various types, you can find one common thing in them. The elements, present in them are not different. You have to ensure that your research paper abstract has all these following things:


The major purpose is to make the readers familiar with your research work. In this part, you have to include a few sentences, written for your abstract. The objective also indicates the motivation of the writer for writing the research paper.


After describing the objective, you have to deal with this part. In this part, you have to say how you have thought of solving any issue. Your method or approach has to be based on your chosen topic, subject and field of study. For instance, while you are a student of social science, you have to describe the process, used for your research. The students from the visual arts have to summarize the processes and media, used for their assignment.

Thus, the method part helps in identifying the process, intended to find the results.


It is another important part of the research paper abstract, and you have to list all the results and outcomes of your research. While your research process is not over, you may write down all the preliminary results.


This is the final part of your abstract, and you have to write it in one or two sentences. However, you have to sum up everything you have already written. While dealing with the conclusion, you have to question yourself: What does your research result indicate?

Thus, write the conclusion part properly to retain the interest of the readers. Your professor will also be pleased with your writing quality.

What not to include in your abstract

We have already said that several students do not know how to write an abstract for a research paper. They make a mistake by including the following things in their abstract:

    • Abbreviations
    • Jargon
    • Fluff content
    • Images, tables and illustration figures
    • Lengthy information on the background
    • New or fresh information not added to your research paper
    • Slang words
    • References
    • Terms, confusing to the readers
    • Too many details

The best abstract always presents the intention behind your research. After writing the abstract, you have to read it thoroughly. Ensure that you have added the information consistently in your research paper abstract. Information in your research paper and in your abstract must not be different. We can say that the abstract is the short version of your lengthy research paper. That is why you must not add any new thing to your abstract.