How to Write a Hook for Essay to Make Your Essay Impressive

Hook for an essay is the first two or three sentences of the essay that are written to primarily grab the attention of the readers. They give a hit to the reader’s mind and then only the reader develops an interest in the topic and a further portion of the write-up. Therefore, it becomes vital to know how to write a hook for an essay and then start working on it.

Hook Should be Relevant in Context to the Rest of the Essay

The essay hook should be in the context of the entire body of the essay and therefore it should seem linked to the essay. You cannot put a few words just like that without matching its relevance with the topic and body. This is because the flow in an essay starts from the hook and then it further goes on to continue till the end.

You Can Start with Question or a Long Sentence or a Mysterious Sentence

You can start with a question because it is the best way to arouse curiosity in the readers. If you ask something, then the reader will automatically frame an answer about it and go on reading to find whether the answer he/she has framed is matching the answer you have given or not. And in this way, he/she finds the essay interesting and capturing and most possibly his/her remarks would be positive for the same.

For example, if you are writing about ethnic wear then you can start like ‘Do you like getting adored in ethnic outfits at your closed one’s wedding?’ And, the reader would frame a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in his/her mind and think accordingly.

A hook can be of a single big sentence with a few capturing words for readers to be interested in it. For example, if you want to write about a holiday in a naturally rich destination, then you can start as ‘Get ready to lose yourself in the lush green forests away from the hustle and bustle of the city life’. So, the reader automatically gets curious to know about the beauty of that destination and continues reading.

If you wish to create a mysterious or interrogative or straight or any other type of hook, the demand for knowing the language well is always there. You will have to use good words and create something attractive for the readers. Also, any kind of grammar or punctuation or spelling mistakes is disregarded.

One Can Also Start in a Straight-Forward but Capturing Manner

Many readers like to read logical or science-based essays. In that case, one can start straight away with the introduction and then head to write the body giving facts, figures, diagrams, proofs, etc. In the case of personal essays also, preferably a straight but attractive introduction of two lines is created.

If You Can Write the Hook Well, then You Can Write the Essay Well

The basic demand of any kind of essay writing is the hold on the respective language. If somebody knows the language well, then he/she would not even think twice in generating awesome hooks for the entire write-up.

In all, if you know how to write a hook for the essay, then you are the one who can write good essays. A hook serves as the cover of an essay and the cover should be beautiful.